Ambassador Program

We are looking for volunteer ambassadors to help drive awareness of Integrated Recovery’s Operation MST 22. The effort is minimal, but your contributions are very impactful to the healing of MST victims and saving lives to prevent suicides. We’ll get into the details of the effort, but first a bit of background:

What Do I need to Do

The biggest contribution is to help spread the word at your gym about the event, and rally people to sign up and participate. We will provide you with information on this page that can help you share the message in email, gym facebook groups, your own facebook account, etc… We will also provide you videos and statistics on MST, tips on running a low stress successful event, and a forum/group of other ambassadors that you can share ideas and get input from.

Why should I get involved?

  • Helping run a monthly event at your gym is a community-building event that brings members together around a common cause and builds stronger relationships.

  • Most importantly, it’s a small contribution ($50 for one year of monthly workouts per athlete) that can have a large impact. Many victims of MST can’t afford treatment and often don’t come forward for many reasons. You might be surprised to find out that there are members at your gym that are victims of MST or know someone who is a victim.

  • We need your help to connect with the people in your community to drive this forward.

Ok, I want to help, what do I do next?

Step 1: Contact us at

Step 2: Work with the gym owner / coaches to pick a date to put the event on the calendar and start communicating it to members. We will provide information to help you communicate here and in the group forums. A new workout will be announced on the 22nd of each month. Pick a day to create a Friday Night Lights type environment where everyone comes and does the workout together in heats.

Step 3: Create a fundraiser for your gym on our crowdrise page and direct interested members there to make a donation.

Step 4: Make sure to join the group forum link from the email we send you after signing up as an Ambassador. Feel free to ask questions and participate.

Step 5: Run the event and have fun. If you would like to get even more involved in the organization and cause, you can contact us at

Operation 22 MST Overview

What is Operation 22 MST?

Operation 22 MST is a fundraiser to help raise money for the Integrated Recovery Foundation (IRF). IRF is a treatment facility and resource to help heal victims of Military Sexual Trauma (MST). Operation 22 MST posts a new functional fitness workout each month that can be run at your gym.

Why is this (MST) a problem?

1 in 4 military females will experience some type of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) during their service and are 12 times more likely to attempt suicide than non-military women. An estimated 500,000 veterans have suffered from MST. Operation 22 MST allows you to help save lives through an integrated recovery program that provides a place to fully heal and is free to female veterans. Every dollar counts towards saving a life.